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Management and operation consulting and solutions for staffing firms of all sizes.

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Complete Back-Office Operational Services

Our Authorized Partner Program is an exclusive one-stop program that takes on 100% of the risk for our partners. We perform all of the back office work, while you focus on recruiting and business development.

Consultation Services for Staffing Firm Owners

Whether you’re doing $50 million or $5 million in revenue, we have experience growing your business at various levels. We can assist with restructuring strategy, branch management, and much more.

Workforce Solutions

Our Workforce Solutions help you fill internal staff (recruiters, branch managers, operations people) on a flat-fee contingent basis. We also can help with logistics and operations for employees who live outside your current employment area.

Staffing Management Group attracts staffing agencies across the entire U.S. and allows them to focus on growing their business while we handle the rest.

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Join the Authorized Partner Program to become a member of the only group that takes on 100% of the risk.

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