Become a Partner

Recruit Without Risk

Your passion lies in recruiting and business development. But in the staffing industry, you’re still typically required to deal with back office necessities and inherent monetary risks. But when you become an Authorized Partner, SMG takes on 100% of the risk and leaves you to focus on growing your business.

Partner Benefits

  • Remove Risk

    SMG is the only staffing group that takes on 100% of the risk for its partners — that means no deductible for injuries, and losses are not passed on to our partners.

  • Outsource Back Office Tasks

    With SMG, you have a dedicated team of people here to maximize your growth, and tackle all of your back office operations. This leaves you to focus on recruiting and strategy.

  • Access Our Network

    SMG has the exclusive rights to assess your business for the Authorized Partner Program. You’ll be connected to a highly trained sales person for a one-on-one conversation that leads to a best-fit solution for your business.